Many web experts preach the importance of including images on a Tampa web design. Visual appeal is important for any website. But you can’t expect these images to do wonders if you cannot use them effectively or optimize them for search engines. These images should have a purpose. You can’t simply post them on your website and leave them be. They need to fulfill the requirements of the web visitors.

Images With a Purpose

One study of how the reader interacts with text and images on a webpage showed that people completely ignore images when they serve no purpose. The impact of photos is reduced to nothing when people don’t see the connection between the images and the text. One peripheral look to the image will tell the web users if it is valuable enough. If the answer is no, they’ll focus on reading the text and leaving the page.

What happens then is that you lose the opportunity to capture the attention of your audience. You waste the space you have on your webpage. It could have easily been used for whitespace or another media material that is more relevant to your target audience.

Photos of Real People

There is a 103% better chance that your website will be more attractive to clients when there’s a photo of an actual person there. Stop posting images of materials and other mundane things. Images with people are more persuasive than those without. It gives the perception that an actual person used the product or service your company is selling.

Point to the Obvious

You should not only include people in your photos. You should use these photos to guide web users where to look on your webpage. Again, an eye-tracking study showed that a photo’s subject can use their eyes to guide the web user where to look. So, for example, if the subject in the photo is looking straight at the user, the viewer rarely connects with the subject. But if the subject’s eyes are looking directly at the image or the text, the eyes of the viewers will follow the direction.

Sometimes, the subject in the images should point to the product directly. You can use a model or an actor to point at the product. Why do you need subtle glances when the subject can simply point at the product or text?

Using images on the Tampa web design should be done with clear visions in mind. What are you after? How do you plan to achieve these goals? What roles will the images play? Such are the important questions you need to raise when choosing what images to use.