What do we know about collage? We’ve done it when we were in high school. We create a scrapbook of our interests, idols, friends, and crushes. We used magazine cutouts, photos, and cute stickers to make a collage of our favorite band. It’s the same collage and mixed mediums that we’ve seen in Tampa web design this year. It’s bound to even be bigger in 2021 and beyond.

This kind of art came back to the scene because of social media influencers and digital artists. They thought it good to recreate a digital version of the beloved collage we loved doing when we were kids. Many brands and designers sported this kind of web design. You can visit Urban Outfitters and their homepage screams of a collage.

A collage is about mixing different mediums—photos, graphics, illustrations, text, and motion—to create an eye-popping and eye-catching visual element on the website. Digitally, web designers can use almost anything they can think of—animation, brush strokes, retro fonts, distorted text, and other artistic textures. Most web designers will use a collage on the homepage and a minimalist theme for the inside pages.

Pundits believe that mixing mediums will even be bigger in 2021. The advent of technology will pave the way for this. People are using their tablets to draw, doodle, and learn calligraphy. Digital brushes can now mimic traditional paint mediums such as watercolors and oils. Digital art is already in the palm of your hands. You can do it no matter where you are—commuting, lining up in a grocery store, waiting for the bus to arrive, during lunch breaks, and many other things. It is the ultimate power for artists—they can doodle and not waste their oils and acrylics.

Collage adds a splash of creativity to an otherwise boring design. It outperforms all the other visual elements that one can use on Tampa web design because a collage is eye-poppingly good. Although, you have to be careful with how you use collage and mixed mediums because they can also have a tendency to look cluttered and unstructured.

You have to work with a pretty good Tampa web design çompany to come up with the right collage for your website. While it aims to stand out from the rest of the minimalist style out there, it also has to be informative and provide easy navigation for web visitors.