Although the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to many of the successes we should now be enjoying, it won’t always get its way. And as the governments lift restrictions, we find ourselves looking forward to what’s in store next year. That’s why you should look at your Tampa web design and the role it will play in your digital marketing strategy for next year.

Are you prepared for these following trends?

Non-Linear Buyer’s Journey

It used to be that a buyer’s journey is predictable. This means that a business owner can predict the buyers’ journey from the time they discovered your site to the time they check out a product. But things are not like this now. Buyers are concerned about a lot of things. They are also distracted by the information they can get from the internet. What kind of information can change their decision to buy? Recommendations, reviews, and user-generated content can impact that decision.

Automated Marketing

This means using programs such as chatbots to respond automatically to customers. This is a great marketing strategy to improve the customer’s experience. As you probably know, customers never want to wait for a response these days. They want instant gratification. If you cannot respond with an hour, it’s more likely that you will lose that customer.

Featured Snippets

When you search for a keyword or key phrase on Google, the search results will produce one featured snippet on top of the organic search results. The featured snipped is sometimes referred to as Position 0. This means that it ranks higher than the first link on the search result. It’s better because of the relevance of the content to the query used by the web user. One of your goals is to get to that top spot. The next decade will see websites competing massively for a chance to be on Position 0.

Voice Search

Is your website optimize for mobile devices? Surely, it is. But is it optimized for voice searches? Not too many websites can be searched using the voice-search function. In reality, voice searches already comprise 20% of the searches on Google. The best (and worst) thing about voice search is that there’s only one result per voice search. This means websites have their work cut out for them.

Your Tampa web design will play a huge role in trying to meet these new trends next year and in the coming years.