Your domain name can spell success or disaster for your blog site. No matter how great looking your Tampa web design is, if it doesn’t have the right domain name, you won’t attract the market you want. The perfect domain name doesn’t have to be complicated. Though there are many guidelines you need to remember about choosing a domain name, here’s the most important: choose what sounds good to you and others whose opinions you trust.

Make It Easy To Type

What’s the common denominator between Google and Bing? They are both easy to type. No one would confuse the spelling of Google or Bing. It is easy to remember and it is certainly easy to spell. If you put complicated words in your domain name, your customer may either forget about it or misspell it.

Keep It Short

As a general rule, you should keep your domain name no more than 15 characters. That’s enough for people to not forget it and not to be lazy to type it on their address bars. Yes, believe it or not, unless Google suggests your website, a lot of people won’t spend a second of their time typing your web address.

Use Keywords

What is your website about? What is your business about? What keywords are you using on your blog? If your blog is about traveling, use any word that relates to traveling. Use the keyword you constantly put in your blogs. That will be good for Google’s algorithm to crawl.

Make It Local

If you are a dentist with a clinic in Tampa, Florida, you want to target the local market. If your dental blog hopes to reach as many of your audience as you can, you need to use the word “Tampa” in your domain name. That will localize your website. it’s good for Google’s ranking, too.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are incredibly confusing for most people. With numbers, the web visitors won’t know if they have to spell it out or if you’re using numerals. Hyphens are almost always forgotten, so avoid those as much as possible.

Consult With Friends

Your domain name needs to be memorable. It has to be catchy and interesting. Your domain name will create the first impression of your website and Tampa web design to your customers. Ask others to check whether the domain name you have chosen is something they will remember. Trust your gut and trust their opinions, too. Put a value on what they have to say.