When you look at a picture, do you immediately see the individual components of the picture? Or, do you focus on the entirety of the image? That is what the Gestalt Design Laws are about. It basically means that the human eye can see objects in their entirety before they notice their individual parts. You can compare it to an optical illusion. You can see the entirety of the image, but not the individual components that make up why it looks that way for certain people. That’s why when you look at a Tampa web design, you can see the entirety of the design first before you focus on the details of the visual elements.

Kurt Koffka, the founder of gestaltism, explained it further: the whole is independent from its parts. Meaning, the whole image can stand alone from the individual components that make it up as a whole. This is the same principle one should apply in designing a website. People see the whole web design first before they are able to focus on the header, footer, menu, images, and other things.

So, how should that apply to your web design elements? How are you going to make sure that your big image will wow the web visitors but the small components of these images will further push your agenda?

Start With a Large Image Centered on the Homepage

When web visitors open your homepage, they should immediately see a big photo of what you are trying to sell or push. Though it doesn’t necessarily have to be a product, that image will complete the overall look of the homepage. Make sure that it is impactful enough so that your web visitors will move from that photo and into the individual components that make up the homepage.

What are these individual components? On a homepage, it can be the product description or caption or call-to-action. It can be anything, really. The point is that after the web visitors move from noticing the overall design of the homepage, they can focus on the message that you are trying to send.

If you want them to sign up for the newsletter, then that’s the next element that they should focus on. Conversely, you should make it a point to form a cohesive look for these individual components. While the overall Tampa web design is what they will notice at first, it is equally important that they get the right message from your site.