You have great discounts and shipping offers for your online customers. You made sure they are aware of it when they opened your website. You flashed those codes through a pop-up ad, so they don’t miss them. But of course, they are going to forget about these codes as they browse your Tampa web design. How do you provide great customer service by simply reminding them about the discounts you’re currently offering? How can you show your sincerity by making sure they avail of these discounts?

Do you know that some people are actually shy about asking for a discount code from the merchant? They think it’s cheap to avail of these coupons. But here’s the thing about codes, coupons, and discounts: the merchants want you to use them. These marketing tools were created to seek a reaction from you. They want to know how their audience will respond to certain promotions. By buying and using these discount codes, you are telling the merchants how much this strategy has impacted your decision to buy.

So, as a web designer, where do you put these codes? How do you make sure your customers don’t forget about them or ignore them? How are you going to maximize these strategies?

First, make sure that your customers are aware of these discount codes. Whether it’s by advertising them on social media or using a popup five seconds after they arrived on your page, they must be aware of the codes they can use to get discounts on your store. Second, create a pull-down or pull-up bar on your pages. The bars will contain the codes that they can use during the checkout process. What this does is remind customers that discount codes are waiting for them at the end of this process. They will want to buy more to maximize the discounts they’ll receive.

Lastly, when it’s time for your customers to check out the items, make the experience as seamless as possible. Remind them that they have coupons waiting for them. You can also consider applying the codes automatically on the eligible items. This way, they won’t miss anything in terms of maximizing what the discount codes have to offer. They’ll also feel a sense of appreciation because they’ll realize that you want to make sure they use these codes.

Your Tampa web design should be done in such a way that it’s easy for customers to see what discount coupons they can use. Use it to provide a great customer experience.