The homepage of your Tampa web design will communicate your site’s overall message. This is the first page that most people interact with upon landing on your website. Even if they do land on another web page, there’s a good chance they’ll click on the home button to get them back on your homepage. Creating a good first impression is one of the most important goals of your homepage.

But to do that, your homepage should be minimalistic and free of clutter. It should be devoid of complicated elements that affect the web visitors’ understanding of your site’s core message. Anyone who lands on your homepage should be able to scan the page, pick out the important keywords, and understand the messages and images. If your homepage cannot do that in under 30 seconds, you’re going to lose a lot of web traffic. Your bounce rate will be to the roof, too.

When designing the homepage, the goal is for a web visitor to grasp what he reads. He needs to remember, process, and evaluate the content of your website in seconds. People have a short attention span. This is more prominent in today’s digital world. If your homepage cannot get the message across in seconds, the web visitors will not do what you intend for them to do: navigate the site, find information, and purchase a product.


The above-the-fold technique was derived from how newspapers were folded in half and only the upper half of the paper is being read most of the time. On the homepage, keep the same principle. Place important content above the fold (which is the bottom of the screen for those with long-scrolling layouts). Visitors should understand what your website is all about the moment the page loads.


Whitespace is an important element of Tampa web design. Leave some areas of the homepage blank to let the eyes breathe. This will give the design a minimalist and spacious feel that’s comfortable for readers. For your text, right it in bite-sized and legible paragraphs. The homepage is not the place for lengthy content.


High-quality media content will give your homepage a boost. Think of them as alternatives to sending your message across. Visually stunning images and animation are great alternatives for people who cannot be bothered to read three lines of text.


The homepage may not be the best place for call-to-action buttons, but there’s no hard and fast rule on that. Why not include one, anyway? People are always on-the-go. They want the most convenient way to transact and what better way to offer that than to have a CTA button right on the homepage?