Because consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices, is it time to start thinking about developing an app for your online store? Are we at that time when even a simple online store would need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an app because Tampa web design on the traditional sense isn’t working anymore? Or, will Tampa web design make the switch and become more app-centered and -focused?

“Do I need an app when I already have a website?” This is the question you might be asking yourself right now. But the world has changed. If you don’t adapt now, you’ll get lost in the maze of digital platforms and tools now being used by e-commerce stores. If you get left behind, what are you expecting to happen to your store? A business selling similar products can take over your spot easily if you aren’t careful about how you keep up with the trends.

What Can a Mobile App Do for Your Store?

Convince one person to download your app and see how that person will change from a casual consumer to a very loyal one. If they downloaded your app, it means they’re so interested in your store that they are willing to share their phone’s small storage size with it. They’ll transact with your business more frequently when they have your app on their phones.

And when customers shop via your mobile app, you have more control over their overall experience. You can send them push notifications instead of using popup ads on the homepage of your e-commerce store. This will maximize your potential to market your products and services.

Do I Need Both an App and an Online Store?

A mobile-optimized online store is a must for every retail business. But relying on the website alone will limit your business’ potentials. What happens if the customer doesn’t buy something from your website? How can you reach this person again? Sure, you can use cookies and retarget them via social media, but that takes a lot of effort. Once you convince a customer to download your app, the first and hardest step about marketing is done.

You’re in. You already have a connection to this customer. All you have to do is send notifications via the app that will inform this customer about new products, services, and discounts. While a Tampa web design is a great way to convince customers to buy from your store, an app will make the experience more seamless. It will collaborate all your marketing efforts.