Even if you are new in the blogging world, you should know that the number of views of your blog will determine its success or not. While there is a lot of emphases put into the importance of creating meaningful content for your blog, the Tampa web design is another essential component that you shouldn’t miss.

Here are some great ideas on how you can get more traffic for your blog site:

Leave Thoughtful Comments On Other Blogs

Why is this important? The blogging world acts as a community. When you leave thoughtful comments on other’s blogs, they will visit your blog and leave comments on your posts, too. Comments are important in letting search engines such as Google and Bing know that your website is engaging with other sites, readers, and visitors.

Write Short Posts

Google wants lengthy blog posts but that does not mean to write 1,000-word articles every single time. The average length of your blog posts should be about 400 to 500 words. That’s enough to explain complex topics without the post being too wordy. Readers have a short-attention-span, so you need to get to the point.

Blog Consistently

You should write about two to three times each week. If that’s not possible because of your schedule, the least you can do is to post a blog once a week. Your audience needs to know about your blogging schedule, too, so they can look forward to reading your posts every week. You can publish an “announcement” on your social media accounts to let them know that there’s a new blog coming their way.

Use Backlinks

Backlinks are links to another website. When a blog post uses backlinks, there is a higher chance of it ranking on Google because the search engine’s algorithm believes that backlinks prove the authority and legitimacy of a website. However, do not overwhelm your blog posts with backlinks. Use just enough backlinks to make your posts more authoritative, but don’t use them solely to rank high on Google’s search engine.

Organize Your Posts

Make it easier for your readers to comprehend your blog posts. This means using subheads and lists on your posts. The organization of your articles on your Tampa web design will make it easier for readers to understand what they are about. Also, there’s a bigger probability that casual readers will subscribe to your blog if it’s engaging, entertaining, interesting, and well-organized.