One reality that website owners have to face when they have a new Tampa web design made for their businesses is that this website, while great right now, is going to need to be overhauled sometime in the future. It might not be soon, it might not even be in the following years, but if you want to remain relevant in the online landscape, your website needs to be redesigned every few years ago, or you risk falling into online obscurity.

Because of this, you should always make room in your budget for a redesign of your Tampa web design. But how much is this going to cost you, exactly? Here are some factors that are going to be taken into consideration in the cost of your website redesign.

Number of pages

One of the biggest factors involved in the cost of a website redesign is the number of pages that are going to be involved in the redesign. The reason for this is that the number of pages needed for the new design is going to affect how much work is needed for it.

The equation is very simple. Fewer pages will need less work, while more website pages are going to need more work from the web design team. The complexity of the web design project is another thing that will be taken into consideration. Simple business websites will cost much less than a dental website that offers in-site patient services like billing and appointment booking systems.

Scope of the redesign

Another factor that is taken into consideration for your website redesign is the scope of the redesign project. You can opt to have the entire website redone or just a few things here and there. Like the previous point, the complexity of the scope is going to affect its cost, so make sure that you think about this when you have your website redesigned.


If you want to give your brand a fresh voice, then you might want to invest in copywriting services, which can end up costing you more. Any additional services on top of the initial redesign will be factored into the cost provided by your Tampa web design company.

Online marketing

Many web design companies offer other online services, and may even offer it as a bundle deal with your website redesign project. If you want everything done in-house, then you might want to have your website design company handle your online marketing as well, but this will also end up costing you more.