In this digitally smart world, more than 80% of people who own mobile devices search for products and services online. Of this percentage, about 27% will search for mobile apps for the brands that they want to support or buy from. A mobile app is as essential to a business as its Tampa web design. It provides better customer service and adds cohesion to the company’s brand.

A mobile app now serves every need or want you can think of—from selling goods and services to advocating for issues to sharing ideas. Reports said that there are over one billion users of mobile devices globally. That’s a huge market and one that you are missing out on if you don’t build a mobile app for your business.

Business Exposure

Smartphone users spend at least 162 minutes looking at their phones’ apps every day. That’s just for the apps. So, just imagine how much you are missing by not focusing your marketing strategies on your Tampa web design and the development of mobile apps.

Having an app can increase business visibility and also promote the growth of your business. When your app is installed in your market’s phones, they will most likely check it out more often than if they have to enter your URL address on the browser. People associate with images when they see them more often.

Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps also have the power to boost customer loyalty because they can easily reach out to their audience using in-app purchases offers, ads, promotions, and direct notifications sent to their phones. Even if the user has the notification settings turned off, an app is still the easiest way for businesses to get into your market’s consciousness.


Businesses can consolidate everything in a mobile app. They can ask their audience to sign up for an account using the mobile app. They can collect data through it and at the same time, provide more information about the business and what it is offering in terms of products and services. Forget about voluminous brochures and pamphlets. If your audience wants to know more about your business, all they need to do is download the app.


But more than a stable presence on your audience’s smartphones, your app should also add to the cohesion of your branding and message. You have to make sure that the app uses the same design elements that are present in your Tampa web design.