Sorry to say but vertical videos will be here to stay for a long time or at least until social media dominates marketing strategies, advertising, public relations, communications, and virtually every facet of a business operation. The two most popular social media channels—Facebook and Instagram—are both pushing for vertical videos with their Stories and TV. But what about Tampa web design? Should web designers go for vertical or horizontal videos?

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts always have one thing to say about using videos on web design. They said that web designers and developers should create two different versions of a website. One should be for the desktop version of the site while the other should be for the mobile version. This is so that the design elements will appear aesthetically the same no matter in what format the website is being viewed from.

What they forgot to tell is that this will also have an impact on the format and size of the videos uploaded on the website. For desktop versions, web developers and designers should use the horizontal format. This is because people are viewing the website from their laptops and desktops, which have a rectangular (aka horizontal) orientation. The wide-angle view is still the best and most optimal way of viewing a website. Nothing can beat that.

However, as technology evolved rapidly throughout the years, it also changed the landscape of social media marketing. Whereas before social media is largely dependent on blogs, text posts, and news articles, it is now a haven for marketing videos, informational videos, political commentaries, and a lot more. Whether these are helpful or not for consumers in general remains to be seen, but what’s important to emphasize is that web users are concerned about their experiences browsing the web.

This is why vertical videos are born. Since web users are mostly browsing websites on their smartphones and smartphones are in a vertical orientation, social media platforms realized the need to make vertically-oriented videos popular, too. Just think about how you are holding your phone. You do hold it vertically, don’t you? Even though you can browse and text in the horizontal position, you don’t do that because vertical seems to be the more natural way to use your smartphone.

For now, at least, a Tampa web design must have two kinds of video orientation, too. One should be made in the horizontal orientation for the desktop version of the site and another should be in the vertical position for the site’s mobile version.