Why do people shop on the web? Think about it. You are conveniently lying on your bed when you browse the products you want to buy. You don’t need to put on your shoes or get dressed or drive to the mall. If it’s in the dead of winter, you don’t need to put multiple layers of clothing to survive the temperature outside. You’re safe and sound inside your home. The only thing that could be messing with your experience is the Tampa web design, but even that is being used to facilitate the ease of shopping for consumers.

Most businesses think that people are shopping online because of the competitive prices. A lot of online shops are competing to offer the best and lowest prices to their customers. As a result, consumers enjoy the fact that they have plenty of options when it comes to the price point. But a survey found out that the prices of the products is only the third reason why consumers shop online. For many of them, it is the ease and convenience of online shopping that makes them want to transact with an e-commerce store.

In a survey of 2,929 people, 83% of them said they place an order on the web because it is easy to do so while 63% said it was because of the large selections of products. On the third reason, they opined that the prices of products on the web are cheaper (63%).

Some 52% also believed that online stores offer faster service and even delivery. Another 40% said that the products have detailed and clear information. The sixth and seventh reasons are because there is no sales pressure (39%) and easy payment procedures (36%).

These reasons should propel you to use your Tampa web design to help facilitate the ease of shopping on your website. Not many know that web design is a major factor in why people stay on your website to find more information or buy products. Imagine if your web design is unfriendly and non-navigational. No one would want to transact with your site.

So, if you are currently running an e-commerce store or you are in the process of building one, focus on how to make your Tampa web design beneficial for your website. You will want enough time to convince people to purchase from you. But for web visitors to stay on your site, you have to convince them using your web design. That’s how important web design is in every aspect of an e-commerce store.