There is a question you might be forgetting to ask yourself and that could hinder the growth of your blog site and Tampa web design: What is the purpose of your blog? Is it to help people and be a resource, so you can make a difference? Or is it simply because you want to be famous? If it’s the latter, forget about blogging because blogs are made for readers and not for yourself.

What your readers want to read about are topics that can help them, and not what happens to your everyday life. If you are not going to offer any information on how you can help them—whether it’s to choose a restaurant or a resort or tips for traveling—then you’re not going to get the traffic that you seek.

Once you realized that, only then can you begin following these five tips for more blog traffic:

Leave Thoughtful Comments

Bloggers need to engage with each other. Find a blog that has the same niche as yours and start commenting on the posts. It will help if you can post a comment that’s well-meaning and thoughtful. Don’t comment generic and vague statements because these will feel like spam. Read the post and comment on what you actually thought of it. You can post a link to your website at the end of your comment.

Write Shorter Posts

Google loves longer posts, yes. Its algorithm was created exactly to think that the longer your posts are, the more authoritative they are. However, this also alienates your readers, especially those who don’t have the patience to read a 1,000-word article. As much as possible, keep your blog posts around the 400-500 word count range.

Organize Your Posts

Your posts should be organized with subheads and lists. Instead of blabbering about a topic for 500 words, why don’t you use a list or a bullet form to make the sentences and the message more comprehensible on your Tampa web design? Lists are more readable and they are likely to get more readers.

Link Out To Other Sites

Similar to leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs, this will help you get noticed by your peers in the same blog niche. Just make sure you are linking to authority sites that aim to help people. You can check out the top blogging sites in your chosen niche. You can also link to news sites, journals, organizations, and many more.

Share On Social Media

After posting your blog on your website, share a link of it to Facebook and Twitter. It is harder to attract your audience to your site than to your social media accounts. When you share the link on Facebook and Twitter, your target market can simply click on the link that will bring them to your site. Ask your friends to share the link, too.