Every business—small or large—needs a Tampa web design. This will help them reach out to their target market, as well as cast a wide net over an audience they cannot get through. However, it is important to remember that hiring a web designer is a big responsibility. You need to find the right person that understands what your company needs and how to market your products and services through the website.

Here are the four questions you need to ask a web designer before hiring him or her:

How Much Do You Know About SEO?

It seems strange, doesn’t it, that your first question is about SEO? It’s not. A website needs to be SEO-focused for it to rank on Google’s first-page results. How your website is designed and developed will play a big role in its SEO-friendliness. For example, responsiveness is an element of web design. It is probably the most important factor that Google and Bing consider for a website to rank.

That’s why your web designer needs to know about SEO and how important it is for the success of any website.

What Do You Know About the Industry?

How can any web designer create a website without knowledge about the industry and the challenges that you face? A web designer doesn’t only have to know about the industry and your business. He/She also has to learn about your competitions in the same market. If your website is going to take a share of the pie, it has to rise above the competition. It takes knowledge and skills to do that.

How Long Will It Take?

How long is it going to take before the web designer completes the website? You do have a target in mind, don’t you? The web designer has to reach that deadline. Otherwise, the deal is off. But at the same time, you have to be reasonable with your deadline. Creating a website takes more than a week. Most of the time, a simple website will take about two weeks to complete. Give your web designer ample time to complete the project.

What Kind of Websites Have You Done in the Past?

It is equally important that the web designer you are going to hire had experience designing a website for a company in the same industry. That will give him an idea of what your website needs. Ask to see the portfolio of his previous works. Make it a point to visit each website, so you can see how it fares today.

Do not jump into hiring any web designer you meet. Ask him/her the right questions so you’ll know if you’re making the right decision for your Tampa web design.