If you are in the process of creating a Tampa web design, you should first take a look at what your web visitors want to see on your website. Understanding what your web visitors need and want to see will put you in a better place to create a website that will give them what they want.

A Homepage That Tells Them What The Company Does

Your homepage should tell what your brand offers. It must clearly state its mission and vision, as well as the history of the company. This will give the web visitor an idea of what you can offer and what makes you different from the other companies. Websites fail with their homepages because the designer did not focus on what the customer needs to know.

A blog page That Offers More Information

Your blog site should be integrated into the website. Some businessmen prefer to have a separate URL address for their blog site, but this only confuses the web visitors. When you decide to design and develop a blog, integrate that into your website because when your customers arrive on your site, they should easily access the blogsite. The blog should offer well-curated content that can persuade these potential customers to purchase from your store.

A Gallery That Shows High-Resolution Images of Products

Your website should also include a gallery page, which will showcase the high-resolution images of the products you are selling. Why a different gallery for your website? When your web visitor wants to see the products in detail, they would look for a gallery page. It should show a series of very detailed photos. If, for example, your business is a clothing line, your customers would surely want to get an idea of how the texture will feel like. That’s why you should publish high-resolution, close-up photos of your products.

A Contact Page That Contains Different Ways To Reach The Company

When web visitors land on your Tampa web design, one of the first things they look for is the contact page. They want to know how to reach out to you if they have any comments, inquiries, and suggestions about your products and services. Make sure to publish all the necessary information such as your office number, social media pages, and email addresses. You can also integrate an inquiry form which will be sent directly to your email address.