Lakeland web designPerhaps, you are wondering why a style guide is needed for a Lakeland web design. Couldn’t a web designer customize each website according to the needs and goals of the company? While the ultimate goal is to personalize each website, so that they won’t mirror each other, designers follow a certain trend or guide to make each of the site they create uniform.

A style guide is like the AP style guidebook for journalism. Every journalist adheres to the AP guidebook because they have to be uniform in content—the way how a number, abbreviation, and certain words are formatted. The guidebook dictates how a journalist would contextualize the report.

For web designers, a guidebook would create consistency across the website or the app. It will make everything seamless, including the design and other important elements such as the font size, font style, white space, dropdown menus, etc.

Help future designers and developers 

Unfortunately, some designers would have to leave a website they created behind to move on to another project. The style guidebook will act as the guiding principles for the next designer who’ll take over the original one’s work. The current web manager will be able to follow through the design of the website without necessarily changing how it was originally customized.

Shows professionalism

A guidebook will show how professional a web designer is. A website can be easily identified through the format and styling used by the web designer. It is easy to see the elements that a web designer is loyal to. If you’re a seasoned web designer, each website has an identity which you can use to define who created it.

Encourages cooperation within the team

Working with a team on a web design will be more seamless when there is one guidebook to follow. All the team has to do is to follow this guide. When they do, they will be able to work well with each other because there are rules to follow and guide them through the web designing and maintenance.

Standardize the CSS

The CSS is the language recognized by websites to command them to create and publish such elements. Having a guidebook for a Lakeland web design is also akin to having one for the CSS. While most web designers are adept at using CSS as standard computer language, it would help a lot in conforming the web elements with each other.