Mobile design is one of the main priorities in the world of Tampa web design. This can be mostly attributed to the fact that mobile users make up the majority of online users, so you need to make sure that your own web design is able to accommodate these users.

However, some website owners tend to rush into the design of their websites and assume that to make a website mobile-friendly, all they need to do is make sure that it fits. This kind of mentality results in a website design that is not only unfriendly to mobile devices, but it results in a bad website overall. To make sure that you end up with a good mobile Tampa web design, make sure to avoid doing this.

Constant access requests that have nothing to do with the website or application

The mobile device becomes a natural extension of the user’s daily life. It is not uncommon for mobile users to store their entire lives on their mobile phones, which include everything from their financial information to their daily schedules.

Because of how important the mobile phone is to the average user, they tend to be very vigilant about the security of their mobile devices. Because of this, you should not be forcing permissions to phone features that have nothing to do with your website’s needs.

For example, if you are simply a website that provides content for a specific industry, why do you need access to a phone’s microphone and contacts? Access requests like these will cause a mobile user to be suspicious, leading them to opt-out of using your website or application.

Too long home pages

One of the key rules of designing for mobile websites is making things compact and easy to navigate so that mobile users can get to the content that they need as soon as possible. Because of this, you need to avoid designing overly long home pages for your mobile web design.

This is a very easy way for your target audience to get tired of your website very quickly. Your homepage is supposed to be designed to provide access to the rest of your website, especially on a mobile Tampa web design.

Other general bad practices

Of course, there are other general bad practices that you need to get rid of on your website. Some of these include the implementation of pop-up ads at awkward intervals throughout your website and its content, as well as the overuse of ads in your content. Test your website before you run it to make sure that you don’t end up doing things like these.