Where do you even begin when it comes to choosing the color scheme of your Orlando web design? Is it even important? Yes, it is very critical to choose a balanced color palette for your web design. Research showed that 90% of snap purchases are driven because of the audience’s perception of colors.

Choosing the right color schemes is what’s going to make your site trustworthy, attractive, and profitable. The overall look and design of your website will affect the amount of web traffic it will attract. Different colors send different messages to your consumers. Using too many colors is often confusing for them. That’s why it’s important to stick to a strong but limited color palette.

What does that mean? Too many colors are visually distracting. Web designers must stick with two to three colors max. This gives the companies wiggle room when it comes to creating new elements for the homepage, blog page, landing pages, and resource database.

Think about the way successful websites made use of colors. Apple, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook use plain backgrounds (either white or black), another primary color for the logo and heading, and one color for accent. Aside from two to three primary colors, the only other colors you can see on these websites are the ones that the users generated.

Choose a Primary Color

Your primary color is the same dominant color on your logo. Don’t have a logo yet? We suggest that you first build a logo for your brand. Choose a friendly color, too, one that will represent your company well. If you are finding it hard to choose a particular color shade, check out what other successful companies have done with their logos. If there’s a particular color that you like, don’t hesitate to use the color picker tool to grab the hex code of the color.

Decide on the Number of Colors

If you’re going to pick primary colors, go with two. If you are going to use secondary colors, go with three. Ideally, the colors you used should be evenly spaced out in the color wheel. This means not using the same shade of colors for your Orlando web design. You may also use the 60-30-10 rule. It means using one color for 60% of the elements, another color for 30%, and the last color for only 10%.

Use Neutral Colors

Do not forget your neutral colors. Most web designers use black, white, and gray, but you can also take the primary color from your logo and combine it with white or black. That could be your neutral combination, though it is a little tricky. Your neutral colors will act as your white space. They will give your users a break to allow them to better digest the information they receive from the web content.