It’s extremely important to make a great first impression with your website. This said, designing the ultimate look for your Orlando web design can be quite the hurdle. It can be very challenging, seeing as you would immediately notice what happens if you’ve made a mistake with the design of your website.

For one thing, you would notice that fewer people would express their interest in you and your website. They might read for a while, but they won’t do anything else. And more often than not, they would just abandon your website altogether. Because of this, it is essential that your web design is well-made to guarantee your success.

If you want to know more about these common Orlando web design mistakes, you can read the list below:

To be (mobile-friendly) or not to be (mobile-friendly)

These days, a majority of online users browse and surf the Internet using their mobile phones, just as much as they would with their laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. So you should keep that in mind when you design your website. If you happen to have a website and its web design is not mobile-friendly, you are giving mobile users a hard time. It’s much easier for them to scroll the page upwards than to slide around. That’s why it’s better to make sure your web design is also mobile-friendly.

Load it up

Even if your website happens to offer the nicest features, it wouldn’t matter if it wouldn’t load quickly. Online users are unfortunately the impatient bunch. You can imagine the frustration an online user would feel about having to load your website for ten seconds. It may not sound so long, but seeing as we live in this day and age, the Internet has been greatly improved and expected to load websites quite quickly. So if online users have to wait for more than three seconds to load your website, chances are they’d lose interest and go elsewhere.

Where am I?

You should make sure that your Orlando web design has an excellent layout. This means that when they’re exploring around your website, they should not have any problems looking for what they need to find. Otherwise, they might have difficulties navigating through your website and end up exiting.

Stop the pop-ups

There is nothing more annoying than having to close pop-ups on a website. Pop-ups force online users to divert their attention away from your website. Even if they were previously interested in what you have to offer, they will lose their focus because of them. With this, you should avoid including pop-ups on your website.