Remember that there was a time that your website is more important than your social media pages? Google didn’t use to give social media pages that much interest in terms of ranking. But this changed the past few years. Today, when you search for a term or a brand on Google, you will find that the top results are social media pages. This is why your Lakeland SEO strategy should focus on social media as well.

The fact is that many people will want to go to a brand’s social media page than its website. Social media pages provide a more personal experience. They are also more updated compared to company websites. It is usually harder to update a website than it is to update a social media profile. This is why customers are more likely to visit a Facebook page than the official website of the brand.


Do you know that the video-sharing platform YouTube has about 1.5 billion active users? By not being on the platform, you are losing the chance to connect to about 1.5 billion people. Video, you see, is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. People will much rather watch a video than read a blog article. How can you optimize your video for search engine? You have to create unique and dynamic titles and descriptions.

According to the company, more than four billion videos are being watched every day. That makes YouTube the second largest search engine next to Google.


This micro-blogging platform is another popular social media site that’s great for Lakeland SEO. It has an unusual power in branding as it directly communicates with customers over their positive and negative comments. You will mostly see Twitter being used by customers when they have to complain about something. If you are doing social media listening for your company, Twitter is a great start point.

In terms of Lakeland SEO, you want to be as visible as possible on Twitter. You want people to talk about your products and services. When posting on Twitter, make sure to mention your brand and create a hashtag that will resonate with your audience.


The social media behemoth continues to be the most important social media platform for business. The site has more than 1.7 billion monthly users, which means it’s a prime spot for Lakeland SEO strategies. Facebook is a great lead generator. Not too many of your target markets will engage with you on Facebook but you must still stay on brand and use targeted keywords in your posts.