Like all other types of digital marketing careers, content marketing is an industry that requires to be very well-rounded in terms of your skills and abilities. With how popular content is becoming and how more and more people are looking to incorporate it into their marketing strategies, it’s important for content marketers to know what kind of skills companies are looking for when they hire somebody to handle their content and market it. Here are some skills that you’re going to need if you want to succeed as a content marketing professional.

Technical ability

You might be surprised to learn that you’re going to need quite a bit of technical skill when it comes to marketing content. While you don’t need to know how to write code, you will need to learn the bare minimum when it comes to using it for content. To start with, you should learn WordPress and HTML, which can help you with your SEO skills.

Of course, you’re more than welcome to branch out your skills to accommodate more platforms and software. When it comes to expanding your SEO skills, you’re going to want to learn how to analyze data and perform keyword research to further your SEO ability.

Creative skills

Of course, not everything about content marketing is about the technical side of things. As a content marketer, while you base some of your marketing decisions off of the data that you’re going to be analyzing, your role as a content marketer means so much more than just using data and creating strategies off of that.

You also have to learn how to be creative with your approach to putting together strategies that best appeal to your target user base.

Marketing skills

As it is in the job title itself, if you want to succeed as a content marketer, then you’re going to want to have quite a bit of skill in marketing. With this particular skill set, you have to learn how to understand your target user base so that you can come up with a strategy that can best appeal to this particular demographic.


Surprisingly enough, you’re going to need good research skills if you want to succeed in your content marketing career. There is a lot of research involved with marketing content. For example, you have to perform market research in order to obtain the basic profile of your target audience.