Lakeland web designAre you thinking about hiring a Lakeland web design company? Have you met the designer assigned to your project already? Were you impressed by him? The thing about hiring a web designer is that there are a lot of factors you need to check out. You need to see if he has the specific skills essential to your company’s website.Here is a mini rundown of the skills a web designer must possess:

Sketching by hand

While a web designer is certainly more adept at designing through the computer, having the skill to sketch the design by hand is a welcome competence. Solid skills of being able to draw using the old pen and paper will help a designer close negotiations with a client. For example, the designer is meeting in a coffee shop somewhere and the client asked him to draw up a sample design.

Doing a mock up on a computer will take hours. The easiest way to let them see the plan is to draw it on paper. A designer don’t have to be a fantastic artist to sketch the layout he has in mind. He only have to be handy with a pen and paper to let the clients realize they are making the right decision of meeting the designer.

Using a framework

It’s safe to assume that any web designer knows how to use platforms like WordPress. If the designer got this skill covered, then he’s familiar with how these kinds of frameworks are used. It just means that every website he creates does not start at square one. He already has a basis, a baseline structure for it, so the design must depend on this.

These frameworks are used by the clients to manage and maintain their websites. Through this platform, they can post articles and upload new information about their business. Any Lakeland web design company should know how to incorporate these.

Understanding different devices

Any web designer knows that a website can look different depending on the device used. A desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone will require different specs from the website. As a client, it is always good to test the website with your designer on a multitude of platforms. This can give the designer time and an idea what to tweak on the websites.

And this does not only apply on devices. You and the designer should also check Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer–both the old and new versions.