Lakeland web designIt’s easy for anyone to require Lakeland web design companies to have the right qualifications. That’s only right because you’re going to pay them for the service. But what many business owners don’t realize is that there’s another important element here: the individual skills of the web designers. Even if a company has a team of web designers, they cannot guarantee that all of them would have the same skills and talents.

In fact, that’s the reason why there are “senior” web designers and associate web designers. Companies tend to categorize these designers to differentiate them from who’s better and who’s just starting out to hone their skills. If you have the money to pay for them, you might want to look into the senior designers and what they are capable of making for you. If not, an associate web designer will do because he/she will still know what your website must be composed of.

Here are the other skills you must be in the lookout for:

Visual design

Many web designers are good at understanding HTML, Java Script, and other of those computer languages. What’s not natural with web designers is the eye for the visuals. Sure, they can create what you want based on your draft and your creation and imagination. But can they advise you on what would look better? Do they have the eye, the creativity to know that some of the elements you are talking about may not look good together?

User experience

Web designers should have a good idea about what the users want. It’s not enough that they test the design again and again. They should be able to see the design from the perspective of the users. Is this something they will visit again and again? Will the design be able to attract new customers and retain old ones?

SEO, marketing, and social media

Who says that web designers are merely, well, designers? They are sometimes content managers, too. This means they have to think of ways how to sell the website. There must be SEOs in it, and they must have an idea how to market your website through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more.

Design software

Is it enough that the Lakeland web design knows HTML and CSS? The designers must also know about Photoshop and Illustrator because a lot of the content of the website will go through them, including animation, graphics, and photos.