When it comes to creating a website or a Lakeland web design nowadays, you might have noticed the focus on providing a good experience for their users. This is not unusual as users have become more and more knowledgeable about what they need and want out of their online browsing as well as what they need to do in order to accomplish their goals. Because of this, web developers and designers are going out of their way to create a browsing experience for your website users that is intuitive and provides a seamless browsing experience for their users.

One of the ways that they’re accomplishing this is by going as far as allowing their users to have some level of control over the Lakeland web design of the website that they’re currently browsing. Allowing users this kind of control makes of a unique browsing experience as it allows them to customize certain aspects of your website to suit their personal preferences. Here are some ways that users are allowed to control their browsing experiences on some websites.


This is commonly seen in websites that have a lot of content that users spend hours browsing through. A lot of online users have their own preferences on how they choose to view your content and implementing a choice in theme for your website can be a simple way of giving them control over how they choose to browse through your site. Some websites like Reddit make it simple for their users by implementing a light and dark theme. However, there are websites like Twitter that take it a step further and allow users to have full control over the color scheme of their profiles in addition to the light/dark theme feature.

How much information can be seen

Privacy is a huge concern for a lot of people who spend the majority of their time online nowadays. Not only is financial information like credit card information something that has to be closely monitored, but private information like phone numbers and home addresses as well. Fortunately, a lot of websites are trying to help with this issue by allowing users to control how much of their public information can be accessed online. This helps users manage their private information online more securely.


This is something that a lot of people take for granted but can go a long way in boosting a user’s experience on a Lakeland web design. Even something as simple as allowing the language of your website to be changed by the user can help make the user’s overall experience on your website easier. While there are on-site translators like Google Translate, these tend to be clunky in their translations, making it confusing for the user. It’s better to allow the full language change instead of relying on tools like these for a smoother browsing experience.