With digital marketing, one of the very first things that come to mind in association with this is SEO. This is understandable, as search engine optimization is one of the earliest and oldest forms of digital marketing that is available today. Back when the internet was still a fairly new concept and digital marketing was almost unheard of, website owners were already looking for ways to game the system and get their websites on the tops ranks of search engines with blackhat SEO techniques.

Over time, these techniques were abolished as search engines began to refine their algorithms to penalize blackhat methods and reward quality content. While this has certainly upped the quality of the content that you find online, it has become more complicated for small website owners to get the hang of this. However, SEO doesn’t have to be all complicated. Here are some simple search engine optimization tactics that are guaranteed to work.

Create long-form, quality content

One of the core concepts of a good SEO strategy is content marketing. These two strategies work hand in hand to create a well-rounded strategy that is designed to boost your website’s rankings. One of the best and simplest ways to launch a content marketing campaign to help boost your site’s SEO is by creating good quality long-form content.

The way that search engines have modified their ranking system is that websites that create valuable content for the users are more likely to be awarded higher rankings than websites that don’t. It’s also very important to remember to update your content on a regular basis since this helps signal search engines to crawl your website more frequently and index your site faster.

Optimize your site load speed

In a world where information can be given to us in almost an instant, online users have become more picky with what website they choose to frequent. One of the most important determining factors of whether or not a user chooses to stay on your website is the load speed of your website. The slower your site, the more likely the user to leave. It’s important to optimize your website to load in a matter of seconds, or else you risk your potential visitors.

Improve the user experience

User experience can make a huge difference in improving your website’s SEO. Your website’s rankings can be largely determined by how users interact with your website, and the user experience is a huge part in making sure that they decide to stay on your website. What good are your long-form articles and informative content if it’s difficult to read it? Make sure that your website provides users with an excellent experience.