No matter how good the content of your website is, if nobody is interested enough to share it on their news feed, nobody will know about what your business has to offer. In 2019 and beyond, your Lakeland internet marketing strategies will be measured according to the number of shares your content generates.

It is estimated that the number of active social media users will grow from 2.77 billion to 3.02 billion by the year 2021. People all over the world will use social media to share, communicate, learn, play, shop, and socialize. A slice of that pie will generate traffic and revenue for your business in a way that no other digital marketing strategy can.

However, getting people to share your website’s link and your blog posts will depend on your ability to attract them with the right information in your Lakeland internet marketing.

Address Your Audience’s Problems

Creating content is not just about providing the right information. It’s about providing the right information that your audience seeks. What problems does your audience face? How can you solve these problems? What will they gain from reading your blogs? The goal of your content creation must be for your audience to need and want the information it contains.

You can start by looking at the trending topics in your industry. What are people talking about on social media? What interests them? You will find out what they care about by browsing through social media feeds and reading through comments, blog posts, and lengthy social media posts on topics that are related to your business.

Be Original

After you have researched what to write about, don’t duplicate the Lakeland internet marketing topics that have been written a hundred times. You need to provide value to your audience. When you’ve found the topic you want to talk about in your blog, ask yourself this question: What can my business offer that others are not talking about? How can you captivate your audience with new information?

Add Value to Your Content

There are four ways to add real value to your site’s content: link to similar blogs, link to resources, add infographics, and upload videos. All of these will help your audience understand the topics better. Besides, it’s 2019. Linking to external blogs and resources is not a way to divert your audience to your competitors.

Giving your readers links to various resources will make your information more valuable in their eyes. If you are confident about what you are offering, you should not be afraid to share your audience to other sites that offer valuable information.