Typically, companies pick hiring a Lakeland marketing agency over developing an in-house team. The three main reasons are skill diversification, predictability, and perks. In the past, the de-facto process has been to build an in-house marketing team to do all the marketing and promotional work for the company. But this also includes providing the team’s members with health benefits and other types of compensation. Not all companies have the resources to do so. That’s why the practice of hiring a marketing agency became popular

Skill Diversification

In terms of online marketing, the skills are very specific. People are either search specialists, SEO writers, social media marketers, content marketing geniuses, conversion rate masters, and so on. But this only means that your company will be boxed into one particular skill set. How can you maximize online marketing if your Lakeland marketing team only specializes in one or two of these skills?

That’s why a marketing agency is a worthwhile suggestion. It will diversify your market because people have different specialties. A lot of people will work on your strategy, so you won’t get stuck in one social media channel.


You will struggle to keep your marketing team involved, inspired, interested, and entertained by their jobs. Because they are solely working for you, they will be doing the same thing and answering the same questions every day. They will be working on the same set of keywords. Sure, they can still be effective, but they will get bored. As a result, their outputs will suffer. And who’s going to blame them, really? If you have to market the same products/services for years, you are bound to get bored, too.

If they leave the company, which they usually do in about two to three years, you will be forced to hire a new marketer. You will need to train this person and get him/her up to speed about what’s going on in your company. That’s a waste of time and resources. You should spend that time growing your profits, instead.


A big marketing agency has perks from media outlets. For example, an in-house team would have to pay thousands of dollars for ad space or they would have to wait in line until the next ad has finished its cycle. But these media outlets would give preference to marketing agencies because they bring them business. These Lakeland marketing agencies carry a lot of clients. If they suddenly developed an aversion for a particular media outlet, that outlet can lose a lot of money.