Is it time to redesign your website? Do you have to hire a new Lakeland web design company to overhaul your website? How would you know that it’s about time for you to invest in a brand new website?

So many people make the mistake of having their websites designed and developed by a professional but barely giving it the time of the day in terms of maintenance and updating. If you want your website to reach your target market, it is imperative that you update it with the latest news about your business and to redesign it from time to time.

It doesn’t have to be a total overhaul of the website, but you have to show your customers that you can follow certain trends. Things like the hamburger menu or the use a flash player should have been eliminated from your website by now. If not, it means that you are behind the times.

What exactly are the signs at your website needs updating?

Slow To Load

If your website has a slow performance and cannot load in under five seconds, you can look at the backend at the language being used to program it. If you are still using some of the old computer languages and also flash player, those might be the reason why your website is loading very slow. This is detrimental to your website. Web users hate waiting for a website to load, so these issues must be fixed as soon as possible.

High Bounce Rate

Does your website have a high bounce rate? You might be jumping up and down at the thought of having something high on your website’s performance. This is not something that you should be happy about. On the contrary, you should be very afraid that your website has a high bounce rate. It only means that people leave your website as soon as they arrive in it because they cannot find anything useful on it. When this happens to your website, call a Lakeland web design company immediately and have someone look over your site.

Low Unique Views

Sure, your website has a high view count. But are these unique views? Unique views mean that new customers are finding and browsing your website. If there are no unique views, this means you’re only retaining your past customers and not adding to your clientele list. Any businessman worth his salt knows that a business cannot survive without new clients and inquiries. Even simple inquiries are important because this means that the website is generating interest from the target market.