If you don’t have the money for a fully customized Lakeland web design that’s created from the ground up and specifically formulated to reach your business’ goals and ambitions, you can turn to templates. Because the battle to the top of every industry happens on social media and on the internet, you cannot let a day pass by that your business has no presence on the world wide web. So, if you don’t have the budget yet to spend on a fully customized website, your best bet would be a customizable template.

The other question is whether you should pay for the template or not. Again, this depends on how much you can spend. You can spend nothing, which means you are relegated to choosing templates from the wide variety of free resources available online. While there is nothing intricately wrong about going with free templates (hello, they are free), your Lakeland web design may end up looking like every other website out there, especially if the template you choose is too pretty to pass on (meaning, it’s on the popular section of the free template website).

So, should you pay for a template instead? A fully customized website designed specifically according to your business’ needs would require somewhere along the lines of $1,000 and that depends on how many web pages you need and how much time it will take the designer to finish the project. Every hour matters when it comes to a customized web design. On the other hand, if you don’t think a free template will do your business justice and you’ve got a few dollars to spare, you can always look for paid templates online.

Paid templates are more customizable and they offer more features than free templates. They also have a more “genuine” and “premium” feel than free templates. Features like the drag and drop is also ubiquitous because paid templates are always looking for ways to make the personalization of the template easier for you. They need to offer something that will persuade business owners like you to pay for their templates instead of simply downloading a free one online.

Paid templates can go as low as $14 to as much as $250 for features like the drag and drop builder, e-commerce plugin, responsive design, custom pre-made pages, blog section, subscription form, and many more. You can choose whether to use the template once on a single domain or multiple times up to three domains. It’s non-exclusive, of course, which means others who pay for the template can use it on their domain, too.