People are naturally drawn to things that move. That’s why you watch videos, animations, and GIFs whenever and wherever you find them on the internet. Have you ever visited a site with a video background on its homepage? What do you think about this Orlando web design? Don’t worry if you’re sucked in by the moving images on the background. It’s normal for people to be easily distracted by moving images or videos. That’s why you should use this “weakness” to try and get your audience’s attention.

When used properly, video background can make all the difference in the world for businesses and web owners. It’s a web design trend that’s been dominating the industry in the past couple of years. It looks like it’s here to stay, too. Marketers, in particular, love video backgrounds because of the artistry. They may a website look modern and trendy.

If you check the conversion rates of these websites, you’ll find out that web visitors stay on websites longer when there are video backgrounds. They also tend to purchase items and subscribe to services when they get attracted to the videos. Many websites also increase their newsletter subscription because of video backgrounds.

There’s a 138% improvement in the conversion rates of websites with video backgrounds on their homepages. That sounds extraordinary and too much, right? That’s because the percentage is based on websites done by professionals. If you are going to DIY your Orlando web design, you may not be able to reach such a high percentage of conversion rate. Not everyone can see the same improvements on their website when a video background is added. It still depends on how professionally done the websites are.

But hey, even a 10% to 20% improvement is a good thing. So, if you want to dabble into adding a video background for your site’s homepage, that’s okay. You can experiment a little first before hiring an Orlando web design company that can do it in a more professional and technically-sound manner.

However, not all websites and businesses must have video backgrounds as part of their Orlando web design. If you have a complex set of products and services, you shouldn’t have video backgrounds because they might overpower the other elements of your web content. Videos that are too aggressive tend to offend web visitors, too. There needs to be a balance between using video background and other elements of the website.