What makes a customer experience better when browsing an eCommerce website? What kind of services can your online store offer to customers? Setting up a payment scheme is not for every Orlando web design. Obviously, personal websites, blogs, and informational websites do not need a payment scheme option. Payment methods are for eCommerce stores or online shops. These are the websites that sell products and services. Some dental and medical websites also include payment schemes on their sites, so patients can choose to pre-pay the services and products they will avail.

The most common types of payment methods are credit cards, cash, debit cards, mobile payments, bank transfers, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and direct deposit. Your eCommerce store should list at least five options for your customers: credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, mobile payments, and bank transfers. Cash is not a preferred option since it’s a hassle to send cash to a seller online.

Do a Survey

The best way to know what your customers want as a payment option is to ask them. Allow them to rank the types of payment schemes available on your eCommerce store. Take only the top answers. You’ll have to streamline the payment options on your store because each of these cost a little more to operate and fund. You’ll want to have an efficient payment scheme. Two to three options will do. Five is stretching it out a bit, though that number is still acceptable.

Look at the Numbers

Take a look at the data you have in your hand. Collect all the payments made to your online store the past year. What is the most popular payment scheme that your customers use? Do they prefer credit cards? Are they using e-wallets more? Remember that numbers do not lie. They are going to represent the best choices that your customers made in the past couple of months.

Listen to Your Customers

Don’t forget to listen to your customers. They are going to tell you exactly what you want to know. If they find transacting with your online store bothersome, you’re going to hear about it. If they had issues with using their credit and debit cards on your eCommerce site, they’re going to write to you about it. Today’s customers are opinionated. They want the businesses they transacted with to hear about their experiences, whether good or bad. And they want feedback. They expect you to act on their grievances, as well as thank them for their invaluable support.

The payment schemes on the Orlando web design has as much to do with its success than any other element of the website.