Have you ever tried Googling your name? Have you tried Googling your business’ name? Aren’t you curious to find out what Google knows about your website design business and what your potential clients see when they search for your business name? Do a quick search of your business name so you know what you need to fix and what you need to focus on to market your business to your target audience.

You can even set up Google alert to keep you on top of the new search results automatically. Once you notice that your rank is dropping, you can do a couple of things to change this and boost your rank once more. By getting your name mentioned more across the web, you will give Google more search results to choose from. This gives you more control to what people see when they search for your name.

Set up a website for your business

Can you have a website design business without a website of your own? Surely, you are joking. If you have not gone live yet with your website or it is still under maintenance, don’t expect customers to come knocking on your door. Who in their right mind would invest in a web design company that cannot manage to take their website live? No one, right? Get that website up and running before we talk about the business side of things.

Sign up to social media platforms

Your business cannot survive without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many more. Sign up for an official account on all of these platforms and make sure to regularly update them about the happenings in your business. If there is a special promo or discount, you can let your followers know about the details instantly through social media. The best thing about it? It’s absolutely free! Well, except if you want to focus your message to a specific target market. Facebook allows you to do that for a fee.

Create a profile on a portfolio site

Portfolio sites are a great addition to your marketing repertoire. These sites allow you to upload your whole portfolio. They can host your profile and your work and show these to people who are interested in the services that you are offering.

Ask friends to link to your site or profile

To reach your market, you need every help you can get, including from friends and family. Ask them to share a link of your site and profile to their network. They may know someone who’s looking for a web designer. Ask them to recommend your business. Word-of-mouth still works wonders.