Browsing through Facebook and Instagram should not just be about obsessing over your favorite TV show and stalking your celebrity crush. You can use these two platforms (thanks to Facebook’s marketplace) to make money out of your preloved items. How? With simple internet marketing. By simply posting photos and descriptions of your items on these platforms, you can gain a steady stream of customers who are willing to negotiate with you for the right price.

When you open your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you will be surprised to know that people actually use these platforms to unload things they have no use for such as a preloved rare Chanel bag, a used stroller, a pair of clogs, and blouses they haven’t even worn. And you’re left to wonder why are you not using your Facebook and Instagram accounts as a simple internet marketing strategy to make money, too.

The process is fairly simple. It should not take a genius to start a Facebook or Instagram page to sell preloved items from your closet. All you have to do is to think of a name that would be easy to remember and that would be reflective of what you are about to sell.

Sign up for Facebook and Instagram

Signing up for both of these platforms is easy. Just make an email account that is exclusively for the use of your store and verify the account names. Once you’ve signed up, fill up all the necessary information about your online store such as the name, the contact information, the shipping methods, and payment methods, etc. These are all important, so customers know your store is all about.

Take good photos of the item

Take out your preloved items and categorize them. You need to take time to take good photos of these items. Make sure to use a plain white background, so the background would not contrast with the colors of the items. You can use millennial pink as background for white pants and polos. Make sure that the photos are well-lit and they look good on social media.

Use the proper hashtags

Both Facebook and Instagram use hashtags to find items that are for sale and are a great source for internet marketing. For example, you are selling your preloved Coach bag. Use these hashtags: #CoachBagForSale, #prelovedCoachforsale, #Coachbagforless, #prelovedbagsforsale. By using the proper hashtags, you are allowing your customers to find your shop.

Build a payment method

Customers want a secure network to pay you. The most secure and common one is Paypal. Sign up for Paypal, so that you have a secure network to offer your customers. Paypal also allows you to send invoices for sales made. Make sure to send the invoice as soon as the sale has been made.