Lakeland web designThere was a time when all businesses want is to have a one-page layout Lakeland web design. It’s quite understandable because people are always trying to streamline the dissemination of information. Instead of having to navigate through numerous web pages, web visitors can simply scroll up and down to know more about the companies’ mission and vision, services, products, contact information, etc.


But recently, web designs have seemingly come back to the good old multi-page websites. This means that we’re back to navigating through pages, so that when you click on the “services” page, you are taken to a new page. That is so unlike a one-page layout wherein clicking on a navigation tab would simply scroll down the page to guide you to the right spot.


So, why are we seeing more multi-page layout designs again? Simply because all the information cannot be contained in one page. If you want to make a blog about the services and products you are offering, you cannot simply stick all articles in one page. That would take away the space that should be saved for the other elements of your website.


Besides, people have really not gotten used to the whole one-page layout website design. It’s a bit confusing and every time you click on a link, you’ll simply be led on the same page (except that it’s scrolled down or up) and you end up losing the spot you were actually reading. That create a lot of confusion, especially for web visitors who belong to the older age group.


True enough, some websites are still using the single-page layout, and that’s perfectly understandable. If you have a website that has minimal information and no blog web page, the single-page layout may be perfect for you. This is because web visitors would simply need to learn about where to contact your company or what kind of products and services you are offering. They won’t need more information or details about what kind of business you are doing.


Some people actually love the clean and the pristine design of a one-page layout Lakeland web design. For many businesses, they choose to have a single-page design because it is cheaper (less web pages) and it is optimized for mobile devices. Also, single-page layout designs load faster than multiple-page websites. But while all these benefits are attractive, this isn’t really how to make your business progress. Clients need more information about your business. And in order not to confuse them, you have to make use of multiple-page web design.