Are you sure that every element on your Tampa web design is important to bring customers to your business? When was the last time you checked your website? When was the last time you eliminated elements and components of your website that do not contribute to its end goal?

These are the things you might have to remove from your website ASAP:

Old Blog Posts

When you first developed your Tampa web design, SEO was not really a big thing back then, right? This means that your old blog posts are not optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing. When Google crawls your website and finds blog posts that are not SEO-optimized, it will be detrimental to your website’s ranking on Google’s search results. You have two options: one is to edit the blog post and optimize it for search engines and another one is to eliminate the blog posts, do a rewrite, and republish it with the right keywords included.

Stock Photos

There is something you need to understand about ranking high Google search results: Google wants effort. It demands a huge effort from the web owners who want their sites to do well. This means no stock photos for the website and the blog posts. If you still have stock photos on your website, we suggest removing those right now. It doesn’t take too much time and energy from you to take original images. You have your smartphone with you. You have digital cameras available at your disposal. You can definitely schedule a shoot so that only original photos will be published on your website.

Flash Videos

It used to be that websites are heavily reliant on flash videos. But the fact remains that flash player takes up a lot of bandwidth and it makes the website slow. Website users hate waiting for a page to load so you should delete these videos and replace them with another video content that’s supported by either YouTube or Vimeo. You can also upload the video directly through your website but that will also eat up on your bandwidth and it will also cost more.

Anything Else That Slows Down Your Website

Heavy graphics, embedded videos, and many other things can contribute to the slowdown if your site’s performance. Remember this rule: your website only has five seconds to load before the web user moves on to another site. The short attention span of customers has made it more challenging for web developers in recent years because this means that they only have five seconds to impress a visitor.