When you’re looking for a Tampa web design company to handle your website’s design for you, you’re going to want to make sure that you end up with the right one. The web design company is one of the biggest industries today, and as a result, the market has become rather oversaturated with companies claiming to be the best web design company for your needs.

But how exactly are you supposed to screen these companies without sacrificing a few months to work with them and seeing how well you work with them? Fortunately, as long as you know what to look out for, it is certainly possible to screen them properly. Here are some red flags that you need to be wary of in a Tampa web design company.

Their own websites are outdated

One thing that you should look at when you’re looking for a web design company to work with is their own website. How can you trust your website to this company if their own company website does not measure up to what they’re promising? After all, your website acts as your business’s online presence, and if they have such little regard for their online presence, how can you be so sure that they’ll take proper care of yours?

Lack of prompt response

Good communication skills are always going to be something that you want to look for in the people that you choose to work with, not just web design companies. A prompt response shows a willingness to deliver on what they’re promising, so if they’re not responding as soon as they say they would, it shows a lack of respect for you as a client, and are not a company that you would want to work with.

Poor client reviews

In an age where anybody is allowed to voice their opinions online, this is something that you definitely need to be taking advantage of. If you look into a particular web design company’s online client reviews and they tend to lean towards the negative, then you should be wary of working with them. Of course, do not be swayed by reviews that are obviously fake or inaccurate, so make sure to be screen them properly when you read these.

Always unavailable

If you try to contact a Tampa web design company and they’re always unavailable, you should think twice about working them. Whether they don’t care to pick up the phone and respond, or they have too many clients, it shows a lack of dedication to the project at hand, and this means that your project isn’t getting the attention it needs and deserves.