When you hear about digital marketing, one of the very first things that might come to mind is SEO. This is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing that is available today. Search engine optimization is one of the forms of digital marketing has evolved and adapted to meet the expectations and technology of today. When the internet was first available to the public, plenty of website owners used blackhat SEO strategies to get their websites to the front page of search engines.

Nowadays, because more and more people are looking to incorporate this, search engines have amended their algorithms to reward websites that provide quality content while penalizing sites that make use of blackhat techniques. Because you don’t see the immediate results, plenty of people have come to regard SEO as outdated and unnecessary for your digital marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why this type of digital marketing is still relevant, even today.

Organic search still counts

Something that some people should never forget when it comes to digital marketing is the fact that organic search still counts when it comes to website traffic. At the end of the day, online users are still using the search function to look up the information that they need online. SEO is one of the most effective ways to get your website to a good spot on search engine results pages. You can use ads and PPC to propel your website to the very top temporarily, but search engine optimization guarantees that it stays there.

It requires a great user experience

When you think about SEO, most people think only about keywords and written content. A lot of people don’t understand that there is still so much more to it than just using keywords. You also have to take into account your website’s user experience because your users’ behavior will also play a role in how your site’s ranking will be determined. The more pleasant their user experience is on your website, the more likely your website will rank better.

It helps boost conversions

Learning how to use SEO strategically can help boost conversions significantly, especially if your website contains the information that users are looking for specifically. You can do this by utilizing local SEO, which is more region specific and targets a more local set of online users, which leads to increased conversions.

It’s a long-term strategy

A lot of digital marketing strategies that are available out there are focused more on how to boost your website rankings. SEO, on the other hand, will admittedly take a while longer to see results, but it is designed to be a long-term strategy, not a temporary one. As long as you follow the regulations and maintain a good SEO strategy, you will still continue to see results for a long time.