If you’re running a small business, you’re probably aware of the importance of budget allocation. Small businesses can’t afford to allocate their resources to unnecessary things, so every decision made for the business must be carefully evaluated. When it comes to advertising and marketing, some small businesses struggle with the decision of choosing between internet marketing versus traditional marketing.

Some businesses prefer the traditional route because it’s something that they’re comfortable with, and something that they’ve had firsthand experience with that proves it works. However, if you’re considering alternative options, here are some reasons why, as a small business, it might be a good idea to use Internet marketing as a marketing strategy.


If you do a comparison of cost between traditional marketing and Internet marketing, in the long run, online marketing is more cost-effective. This is because when you compare the marketing methods of traditional marketing, it’s more of a numbers game because they target all forms of media, from the news to television, and wait for it to work. Online marketing strategies, however, allow you to pinpoint the best course of action, which allows you to narrow down your strategy and helps cut costs.


Another significant advantage that Internet marketing provides for your business is the fact that you can immediately see what strategy is working, and what isn’t. When you run a traditional marketing strategy, you can’t be sure which strategy is leading to sales and leads. With online marketing, using analytics and other tools, you can see which strategies are working well for your business.


Another reason why Internet marketing might be a better option for you is the fact that using online strategies allows you a wider reach to a bigger audience compared to traditional forms of marketing. Even if your target audience is more local rather than national or international, online marketing strategies allow you to reach them easier, through strategies like targeted ads, or local SEO.

It allows you to customize your marketing strategy

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, one of the best advantages that Internet marketing strategies provide is the level of customizability that it allows you. You can use certain online tools to pinpoint demographics, such as age and location, that will help you customize your marketing strategy to appeal to this demographic. You can even customize the best times to send out your email marketing strategy based on when the best time to send out emails is. You can find and use all of this information to strengthen your marketing strategy and make the most out of it.