In the world of web design, you may be familiar with the concept of content being the most important thing in the overall design. No matter how well you design your site, if it isn’t backed with meaningful and relevant content, then it provides no value to users whatsoever.

In a world where mobile users are growing and are more prevalent than desktop users, readability is something that designers have to take the time to pay attention to. For mobile users, you have a very limited space to work with, so you need to make that space work.

Readability helps you maximize the effectivity of that space, and guarantees that your information is actually reaching your users. When it comes to establishing readability in your web design, you have to take several things into consideration in order for you to properly establish readability in your web design content. These are: visual hierarchy, under which falls, size, font, and proximity, just to name a few.

Visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy helps you establish the importance of certain elements within your web design. This helps draw the users’ eye to it naturally, as well as helps avoid over cluttering your web design. Clutter is the very last thing that you want on your website. It makes your website hard to navigate, as well as makes it difficult for users to discern any relevant information from your site.


Size is one of the most common methods that designers use to establish visual hierarchy in their web design. This is because it is simple enough to adjust the size elements in order to fit the overall design theme.

When it comes to establishing visual hierarchy and readability in your web design, the more important elements and information are usually larger, in order to catch the users’ attention. This gives emphasis to the main points of the page, which users can refer to in order to get the gist of the page they are reading.


Font, or specifically, font weight, is another way that designers use to emphasize certain parts of the web design. Usually, fonts that are bolder tend to be more significant, and are usually noticed first. The kind of font chosen also lends weight to readability in web design.


Proximity makes it easier for users to identify groups in the web design. Elements that are grouped closer to each other usually indicate a group, and makes it easier to identify it as such. This makes it easier for them to process bits and pieces of information that they read as a whole.