Why did you decide to redesign your website? Why did you hire an Orlando web design company to revamp your
business website? The reason probably stems from losing customers. A few months ago, you might have noticed that
the number of your web visitors is dwindling. It might also be the fact that you have not been receiving inquiries and
comments. Your sales have probably taken a dip, too.

But now that you have a brand-new web design, what should you do about it? How can you re-market to your already
existing customers (albeit they have forgotten to visit you in recent times)? Hopefully, you still have their email
addresses and they are still following you on social media. These tips hinge on the fact that there is still that small
interest among your customers.

Make a Teaser Video

Think of this relaunch as if you’re launching something new. In some ways, a new web design is “something new.”
Make a teaser video where you are showing snippets of the new web design. Then, mention the date and the time
when the website will go live. How you are going to pique the interest of your customers will depend on how exciting
and intriguing your teaser video is.

Hire a professional graphics designer or video producer to make the video for you. Set your goals. You would want
people to share your teaser video. That is the primary purpose of having it.

Give Coupons Away

Do you know what else will make customers troop to your website? The promise of big discounts. If you want them to
spend even a second thinking about your business, you need to offer them something they want. And what do
customers want? Discounts. Coupons. Sale. Freebies. Prizes. You can’t very well give products away but you can
use this hyper-consumerism to make them want to visit your site.

Send Email Newsletters

Do not focus on social media. Some of you may already be imagining how you’re going to compose your Facebook
post. Yes, that’s important. The other important thing is sending email newsletters. Or simply, send emails inviting
your customers to the relaunch of your Orlando web design. That email should include all the necessary information
such as the date and time of the relaunch and what they can expect from it. If you’re giving away discount codes,
make it seem that they have to sign up for an account or a newsletter subscription to get one.