Experts keep on preaching about the importance of images on Orlando web design. Visual aid is essential for any website. And yet, you can’t use simply any images and expect it to do wonders for your site. There are very specific rules on how to maximize the presence of images on your website. 
Use Images With Purpose
Many web designers and web owners think that using an image—even if it is not related to the text on the webpage—is better than not having one at all. While, yes, that is partly true, a study found out that web users ignore an image when it has no connection to the content at all. Even if the page looks boring without an image, resist putting random photos on the page. Create a specific photo that is related to the content on the page. 
Images that are used to fluff up the webpage will do nothing for the website. But how can you determine if the photo is useful or not? Ask yourself these questions: does it help the web user understand the page’s content? Does it show the business’ product or service? How does the image relate to the brand? Will the users change their opinion about the brand because of the image?
Use Real People
Using images of things and landscapes is not going to help a website attract more clients. Instead, use images of real smiling people. Even travel websites understand that they need to show how people are enjoying the places they visit. They refrain from posting photos of the places themselves but use photos of real travelers. In a recent study, a website saw a 100% increase in signups after they added photos of happy and smiling customers. 
Use the Images to Point What You Want Them to Notice
When you use a photo of a person, make sure the person is looking in the right direction—the textual content of the webpage. Studies show that when the photo’s subject faced forward, the reader will less likely make eye contact. This defeats the point of using an image for the website. instead, the subject should look directly at the product or the text. The readers will follow the direction of the subject’s gaze. 
Stop using images for the sake of filling out your o. Use the image on your Orlando web design for a greater purpose. They must be used more than just for filling up the white space on a landing page. They can help your website rank higher on search engines and enhance the web users’ experiences.