People shop on the web because of the convenience and ease of use. They no longer have to carry heavy shopping bags. They don’t even have to get in their cars, find a parking space, and walk throughout the store. E-Commerce has gone international, too. Plenty of local brands are offering international shipping to reach new markets. Online shopping presents many advantages both to the sellers and buyers. But, what does this mean to Tampa web design?

It means that it cannot be stale. It cannot be contented with the current trends in web design. Online shoppers have huge demands and expectations from the brands that they support. If they find that these brands do not comply with their demands, then they could leave the site and never come back.

So, what are the kinds of improvements that online shoppers want to see in the future?

Complete Transactions Quickly

It takes at least three pages before an online shopper can check out the items he wants. This is because an online store asks for a series of questions—personal information, payment method, and verification—before they allow a shopper to check items out. Online shops can make this easier by making sure the checkout process can be completed on just one page. Ask as little information as possible. All you really need to know are the shopper’s email address, shipping address, and preferred mode of payments. Make everything else an option.

Free Deliveries

Like Amazon, you can offer free deliveries for orders above $35. Partner with local shipping companies so you can get a great deal. You can also offer extra services such as setting up a table or a console for free when they purchase the items from your store. People are sometimes discouraged by online shopping because they have to pay $8 for shipping. While that’s a small cost compared to getting up and driving to the actual store, the psychology behind this is that people don’t want to spare more money than they are willing to when it comes to online shopping.

No Unwanted Recommendations

People tend to look at the recommendations section of your page and buy things from there as well. While that works for you as a seller, this is something many shoppers abhor. They don’t want ads on their product pages. They don’t want to see recommendations because these affect their ability to say no to items being sold to them. They don’t want to be willing victims. As a result, they sometimes do not visit online stores that have lots of these unnecessary and unwanted recommendations.

Make sure that your Tampa web design is up-to-date with the trends in e-commerce. Not updating your site will result in a loss in customers.