As a Lakeland website design client, there may be a lot about the web design process that you may not be familiar with, especially if we’re going to be talking about the project kick-off process before your web design gets built. As a client, your role is a crucial one when it comes to the kick-off process, as this is the stage where a lot of the foundation for the web design project is going to be laid out. To make sure that you are properly prepared for this, here are some of the main points that you’re going to have to discuss with your Lakeland website design professional.


One of the primary points of discussion that need to be addressed is the communication that needs to be handled throughout the duration of your web design project. Who will be the main point of contact for both ends? What hours are communications allowed? What will be the main method of communication? Communication is an essential part of any professional relationship, which is why it needs to be addressed properly.

Project management

In order to make sure that both parties are on the same page, most web design companies usually make use of a project management tool where updates can be seen and discussed. This allows the client to be a part of the web design process and allows them to see the progress of the project.

Decision making

If there are any decisions to be made on behalf of the project, you’re going to want to know how the web design company plans on handling this. If there are major decisions to be made, usually, there will be a main contact person who will be handling these decisions. For smaller design choices, you want to discuss the extent of how much creative liberty your web designer is allowed.

Project timeline

If you have a deadline in mind for your Lakeland website design, the timeline of your project is a very important thing that you need to discuss with your web designer. Make sure that you also talk about project milestones, as this is usually linked to the frequency of payments made to the web design company.

Other details

Finally, other details will need to be discussed, such as the expectations from both parties in regard to the web design project. Other points such as payment installments, goals and objectives, and other essential details will be addressed before the project begins.