Less is more. Don’t believe it? Try putting as many design elements on your Orlando web design and see what that will do. Your website will either crash or web visitors wouldn’t like to stay and navigate it because it is too cluttered. Not to mention, it is causing their screens to crash. Less is more. That is true for web design as it is true when you’re designing your home’s interior. It must be the guiding principle of your web design strategy.

In 1997, usability expert Jakob Nielsen advised designers to plan their web designs according to people who “scan” the pages. Scanning means that the web visitors digest only large chunks of information on a web page. They don’t read the entire text or even look at the details of the images. Interestingly, a study found out that 79% of web users are scanners while only 16% actually read every word on the web page.

But that’s just for reading. How are you going to make your audience interact more with your page? How are you going to convince them that spending time digesting the information on your page is what’s important?

Plan Your Web Design Backwards

Plan your website’s design around the result that you want to achieve. To do that, you have to identify your goals first. Is it to gain more visits or to sell more of your featured products and services? Once you know your goals, you should plan your website going from it to the drawing board. Get your pen and paper ready or install wire-framing software on your computer.

Drawing and planning from the point of what your audience wants to see on your website will help identify the design elements that should be there. It is easy to be mistaken about the elements and features that your audience wants to see if you don’t take the time to know what they actually want. When this happens, you can also declutter your Orlando web design more effectively.

Check Your Ad to Content Ratio

You have to be careful with your ad-to-content ratio. Google does not dislike ads. However, it factors the ratio into the mix of whether your website has the information the web users need. If you have too many ads running on your pages, Google might not rank your site. There is no direct rule to what constitutes “too much” advertising on websites.

Check how many ads are running on your page and remove those that do not add value to your Orlando web design.