The perfect blog post length is one of those things that not everybody is going to agree on. Like the Mandela Effect, everybody is going to have a different opinion from the others. One thing is for sure though, one cannot deny the importance of content for your Lakeland website design. Having set rules about blog lengths and how they impact your rankings is a thing of the past now.
Right now, the most important thing for SEO is quality content. So it doesn’t really matter anymore how long you have to make your content, as long as it gets your ideas across well. So nowadays, length no longer has a significant impact on site crawlers. But you have to remember that there are actual people who are going to be reading the things you put up on your site.
So if you like, you’re free to write your four thousand word dissertation on the importance of choosing the perfect color palette for your company branding. This will not affect how search engines see you, but you may be experiencing a dip in terms of user interaction.
When it comes to deciding on the length of your blog posts, you have to keep in mind its main function. Is the content that you’re creating meant for SEO purposes? Or are you planning on using it in association with your social media marketing? Do you intend to use your written content to educate your readers? Or to entertain them?
In the end though, it all comes down to how you intend to use your content. For content created for SEO purposes, you can have blog post lengths as short as three-hundred words up to a thousand words. For topics that are more in-depth, it is acceptable to have them reach up to two thousand words. Really, when it comes down to it, it depends on your ability to maintain reader engagement. Some writers may have difficulty maintaining reader interest past a certain point, and it’s important to recognize that.
If you’re aiming to update your blog posts on a regular basis, it is important to find your balance. Write about the things that you want to showcase on your site. Keep it short enough that readers can take a couple of minutes of their time to read it. And when inspiration strikes, write a long-form blog post. This way, your site won’t stay limited to short-form articles. This shows your readers that you always have something new to offer them.