The most well-known Lakeland marketing and paid advertising platforms are Google Adwords and Facebook’s advertising. Marketing channels take time before they can start generating a profit, but that’s not how it is in paid advertising. With paid advertising, you can determine the impact of the ads immediately.

Google Adwords

Also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, Google Adwords is when you pay the platform every time someone clicks on your advertisement. The ads will show on Google’s Search or Display Network. The ads are usually on top of the search results page. These are the first links that people see when they look at the search results page. These are extremely powerful in driving and generating traffic for your website or landing page.

YouTube Advertising

There are over one billion active YouTube users. They watch over one billion hours of videos every day. Can you imagine if you have an ad on YouTube? You will have access to that kind of audience. You will be able to reach more of your target market. Just make sure to create a video that will be engaging, shareable, and informative. Because no matter how well-placed your ads are, it will mean nothing if the audience does not respond to it well.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads are one of the most inexpensive forms of digital advertising. They currently perform quite well compared to other forms of internet marketing methods. Facebook ads appear on your target audience’s news feeds as long as you set the right parameters. The best thing about Facebook ads is that they can be completely customized. You can set the age, gender, social status, occupation, and location of the audience that you want to reach.

LinkedIn Advertising

This kind of Lakeland marketing is most effective for business-to-business marketing. You can reach more businesses that you can supply materials to. Most professionals and business owners are on LinkedIn, making it the best way to reach business owners, community leaders, professionals, and many more.


The internet can monitor your actions on the world wide web. Retargeting is a form of online targeted advertising wherein the ads that appear on your screen depend on your previous internet actions. You should have retargeting set up on your website, you can continue advertising to your buyers even though they did not buy the first time. Usually, when you don’t have retargeting setup, you will lose buyers who did not buy from your store the first time they saw the products and services.