One of the most important things that you learn as a new Lakeland web design owner is the fact that your website is a project that is never going to be completed, no matter what. This is because your website is at the mercy of the comings and goings of the trends that dominate the web design industry.

Because of this, you have to make sure that you continue to provide your websites with the updates that it needs to function well. However, some website owners don’t want to go through the trouble and cost of updating their sites, choosing instead to leave their sites as is.

Unfortunately, this move will end up costing you more money than you think you’re saving. Read on to learn more about how an outdated Lakeland web design is costing you money.

An outdated website means your SEO suffers

If you choose to leave your website as is and not update it, when it starts to become outdated, the first thing to suffer will always be your SEO. Similar to the web design industry, the world of SEO is always working to update its standards to keep up with the development of technology. Because of this, if something happens to your website, it will directly affect your SEO efforts.

You cannot implement current SEO practices on an outdated website and an outdated website will have an influence on your site visitors’ perception of your site, which will affect your website metrics and consequently, your SEO ranking.

Over time, you will lose out on sales and conversions, which is costlier than the amount that you saved by choosing not to update your website. If you want to maintain a good rank on your SEO, make sure to continue updating your website.

Your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendliness and responsive design are now the basic requirements for any website and are considered non-negotiable when you’re putting your Lakeland web design together.

However, if you have not updated your website to reflect this, then you are going to be losing money. Online users now rely primarily on mobile technology to access online platforms, so if your website is not capable of adapting to mobile, or is unable to respond to different-sized screens, then you will lose a large number of potential customers.

Not only that, but an outdated website will mean outdated online security, so any online user that makes their way to your website will be discouraged from proceeding because of their concerns about compromised personal information, and decide to “bounce out”.

This will result in a drop in SERPs, which will, again, cost you in sales and conversions. Overall, it’s much better for your business and website to update your website when needed so that you can avoid the hidden cost of saving money on an outdated website.