You could be losing big time by not having a professional design your website. But yes, we get you. It looks expensive to hire an Orlando web design company. It looks like it will cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is what many businesses get wrong. Paying for a professional web designer is worth it because the site will reach its goals.

Oh, what goals? Do you mean to say you don’t even know that your website should have very specific objectives? What kind of objectives? How about generating leads, raising awareness, and selling products? These are measurable objectives that are tied to Orlando web design.

And yet, many people still make the mistake of designing a website by themselves. What is so difficult in designing a site when there are drag-and-drop web builders and templates? Even those with limited technical skills can whip up a website in hours, right? But, of course, there are drawbacks to this.

Limitations in Design

You cannot learn to design a website in minutes if it took years for professional web designers to be good at their jobs. A website is more than just about its functions. It’s about how it looks to the customers. How do they feel when they access the site? How can the design make the web visitors act? It’s about the character of the business and the experience that the site can provide to the customers.

Lack of SEO Knowledge

It is not just about the design per se. An effective website is about search engine optimization. The problem is that SEO is forever changing. It changes a couple of times each day. There are even days when the SEO parameters get adjusted every hour or so. Amateurs only know the basics of SEO, but they don’t understand these things: 301 redirects, backlinks, 404 error pages, schema markup, DA and PA, and anchor text.

Too Close to the Project

When you are the business owner and the web designer, you tend to get too close to the project. What this means is that you cannot see the website from the perspective of your customers. You see it as something that you already understand. The common mistakes that amateur designers do is not to include things such as the contact details, call-to-action buttons, and what it is exactly that you want your customers to do.

Because of your inexperience in Orlando web design, you could end up losing customers rather than gain them.