Everyone’s talking about whitespace and for some reason, we know that whitespace is important for an Orlando web design. But here’s the thing: most business owners don’t think a website needs much of it. They think it’s a waste of space. They believe they can put more elements and content on that whitespace to sell their products and services.

But really, why is whitespace important and how can web designers and developers maintain it?

When you hear the word whitespace, it’s not the literal white space you see on most websites (though white is the usual background). It can be any color. Whitespace talks of negative space. It’s that space between characters, columns, margins, and gutters. It’s that space on the sidebars. For many, it is the most fundamental element of web design; kind of like the building block of website design. You can never go wrong with using whitespace.

What is the ultimate goal for any website? Isn’t it to deliver content to web users? Isn’t it to inform web users of the latest products and services that your business offers? Whitespace has the power to highlight that content and make sure that no one misses the message you are trying to impart to your audience.

Increased Content Legibility

Whitespace adds to a better customer experience. When customers visit a website, what they want is to clearly read the content and see the products and services. Whitespace enables a clearer way of reading the text and understanding the images on the webpage. It allows people to better comprehend the content posted on the website. Web users will most likely visit your site again if they had a good experience with it. The existence of whitespace around blocks of texts and images will help achieve that goal.

Less Distraction

People are easily distracted. You want them to focus on the relevant content on your webpage. Having whitespace will increase comprehension. It will also increase interaction among customers. Even small objects and web elements on the sidebars can distract a customer’s attention. Potential customers may focus on those objects instead of the message that you’re trying to send through the content.

Highlight Call-to-actions

Sure, you can use bold letters for the call-to-action buttons, but surrounding them with whitespace is just as effective. Not to mention, this way is more aesthetically pleasing. Remember that when designing and developing an Orlando web design, it’s important that the CTAs stand out. These CTAs will lead your customers to the actions you intend for them to take.

Whitespace creates a balance on any Orlando web design. Webpages are easier to the eyes when there’s whitespace. Make sure to maximize the benefits of whitespace and use it to better your site.